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Welcome to Techno-Footprint '07

Large information and communications technology (ICT) systems form a significant part of a modern public sector body's carbon footprint, and all bodies must now work on ways of reducing their impact. Conversely, ICT systems can play a valuable role in reducing organisations' wider carbon footprints, for example by reducing the need for travel through videoconferencing.

Strategies must be drawn up to reduce ICT energy use and heat emissions; reduce and manage ICT waste; embrace flexible and mobile working to cut transport requirements; and use technology systems including computer software and hardware to reduce other emissions and waste. Headstar's major new annual conference will offer advice and guidance to all public sector bodies in this vital field. Our event aims to bring together lessons from best practice in environmental sustainability from across the field of public sector ICT, and offer practical advice on drawing up strategies to reduce your service's carbon footprint.

Topics to be covered include: Drawing up an ICT sustainability strategy; IT management practices that reduce power consumption; Managing IT hardware and software; Monitoring energy use; Energy-saving technologies; Responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste; Sustainable ICT procurement; The green data centre, including smart temperature controls, maanaging energy use, and reusing heat; Changing and influencing staff and citizen behaviour; Home working and flexible working.

For delegates, here is your chance to tackle this agenda in greater depth, and to pre-empt tougher laws and take firm action now before it is too late.