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NOTE: This conference has now taken place, but will be running again next year. If you would like advance notice of next year's event please email dan@headstar.com with the subject line 'e-democracy 07'. And for more on our other events please see: www.headstar.com

For the second year running, eDemocracy '06 is set to be the UK's largest ever dedicated e-democracy conference and exhibition, with one of the strongest line-up of speakers in the field ever assembled in any country, and delegates drawn from all parts of the democratic process including MPs, policy officers, local councillors, private companies, citizen representatives and media organisations.

Topics covered include e-voting; the role of the internet in political campaigning in the UK, US and worldwide; citizen-representative dialogue using new technologies; grassroots movements and the net; modernising Parliaments; webcasting of public meetings; online policy consultation; and much more. Keynote speakers; panel sessions; and interactive workshops will combine to create a compelling and interactive day for everyone and anyone interested in and involved with any aspect of the democratic process, centrally and locally, and the private sector firms and voluntary and charitable agencies engaged in improving our democracy.

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