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E-Access Bulletin's fourth annual conference and exhibition on access to technology by people with disabilities is taking place on 23rd April 2008 in central London.

The information revolution and new technologies can change the lives of people with disabilities, but all parts of society must ensure their access, marketing and IT strategies are in line with best practice. It's not just about the web, but about e-learning, digital TV, mobile phones, and other portable devices. Whether you are a public sector body, a technology or telecoms supplier, an educational institution, a bank, a private sector firm, or any other organisation that provides at least some of your information or services digitally, this is the place to find out more about how to comply with the law; what elements to include in your access policies and strategies; and find out about the latest in access technology. Supported by E-Access Bulletin, RNIB and Ability Magazine our spring event is a must for every modern organisation.

Access to all technologies and online goods and services by people of all abilities makes sense from every angle: from a business perspective to maximise market reach in an ageing society; from an ethical and corporate responsibility perspective; and from a legal perspective to comply with disability and other law. This one day of your time will be well-spent in covering all of these vital bases.



The event provided a valuable overview of 'accessibility'. It was very useful.
Phil Hodge, Business Development Manager, Thales

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative event, with excellent guest speakers. I'll definitely be back next year.
Andy Lees, Special Needs Assessor, Napier University

Very good speakers and talks and we made good contact with a range of delegates - so as an exhibitor it was great and I thought the subjects covered were very relevant and interesting and overall it was well organised
Christopher Lofthouse, Outreach Manager, Ricability

I found the event to be extremely useful. The presentations were of a particularly high caliber and fully realised my expectations.
Thomas O'Neill, Web Architect, Royal College of Nursing